TA Office

Mr. Ming-Chang Lin Mr. Gwo-Feng Lee
TEL:3366-3923 TEL:3366-3924
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  • Assistance of Department Affairs Committee and Examination Committee by executing related affairs
  • Management of the facilities expenses and computer uses 
  • Introduction, evaluation, and project management of the department 
  • Meeting record 
  • Purchase, management and maintenance of computer related equipment of the department
  • Technical support of other related computer hardware
  • Maintenance of the department's website
  • Students' affairs
  • Synoptic Meteorology Lab.
  • Assistance of Academic Committee to execute related affairs 
  • Textbook ordering
  • Scholarship for the graduate students
  • Alumni Society related affairs
  • Coordination of test affairs

Administrative Office

Ms. Shih-Ping Chang Ms. Shu-hua Chu
TEL:3366-3927 TEL:3366-3928
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  • Administrative Affairs of the Department
  • Document System Management
  • Accounting Affairs
  • Newsletter Publication
  • Security and sanitary affairs of the department (prevention measures/lecture and study/access card system/vehicle management) 
  • Space management/equipment and property management 
  • Alumni/ceremonies/conferences/banquets/activities
Mr. ChiBao Fu Ms. Su-Chen Lin
TEL:3366-3929 TEL:3366-3931

Meteorological technicians:

  • Electrician tools and observation pad management
  • Meteorological equipment management and maintenance
  • Assist in field observation teaching experiment
  • Hydropower project repair affairs
  • Fire protection management of Building A-B and Construction
  • Affairs of New Geotechnical Building
  • Procurement of non-computer teaching graphics equipment
  • Outdoor environment of the department
  • Assistance of all kinds of clearing work
  • Receiving of documents, letters, and handouts
  • Submittal of the expenditure plans of the department
  • Classroom / Lab borrowing

Information Office

Mr. Ji-Wei Hsieh
  • Network system management of the department
  • Property management
  • Management of the information center and computer classroom
  • Development and maintenance of the electronic information exchange system, and staff training
  • Management and maintenance of the software and hardware of observating enclosure
  • Planning and establishment of the software and hardware for public computers and future networks
  • Management of Real-time Forecasting Laboratory
  • Computer software related technical consultation