The Department of Atmospheric Sciences is located across from the College of Management, next to Choushan Road, on the main campus of National Taiwan University (NTU). Our unique landscape includes elegant architecture, a quiet environment, a spacious sight, a gigantic red and white observation tower, lush and spacious observing enclosure , and a spectacular spherical rawinsonde antenna.

The Department is composed of three buildings. Having built in the age of Japanese colonialism, the "A block" possesses a historical air, and now contains most of the laboratories. "B block" was built in 1975, and now contains laboratories for teachers and classrooms. "C block" used to be the second and the third floors of the Atomic Energy Council. The library and computer labs are on the second floor, while the association office and the laboratories and classrooms for the graduates are on the third floor. Study rooms and group discussion rooms are also available so that the students have an environment for studying after class. Our department has a favorite pass-time: basketball. Thanks to the small basketball court, faculty and students can gather for casual pick-up games. In all, the lovely landscape, the state-of-the-art facilities, and the companionship between teachers and students bring together an excellent environment for learning!