CFMIP 2021 Virtual Meeting

Clouds, Precipitation, Circulation, & Climate Sensitivity

Sept. 14th to Sept. 16th, 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the 2021 CFMIP meeting will be held online. Continuing the themes from previous years, we welcome contributions related to Clouds, Precipitation, Circulation, and Climate Sensitivity. All participants are invited to join the live discussions at the virtual poster halls at Gather Town.

Scientific Themes

  • Forcing, Feedbacks, and Climate Sensitivity

  • Observations and Model Evaluation

  • Precipitation and Hydrological Sensitivity

  • Coupling Clouds with Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulation

  • Extratropical Cloud Processes and Feedbacks

  • Convective Processes


Posters and videos available for viewing during 8th to 17th of September

Discussion times are 5:30am~7:30am UTC and 14:30~16:30 UTC on the 14th (Tue.), 15th (Wed.), and 16th (Thu.) of September


Due to the ongoing pandemic, the CFMIP meeting will be held online via Gather Town.

All participants are invited to contribute by a 4-page PowerPoint slide poster and/or a 2-minute video explaining it. These materials are available for viewing a few days before and during the week of the meeting.

Every day, 2 of the scientific themes will be highlighted, with the related posters displayed in two separate virtual poster halls on the Gather space. To maintain the spirit of international collaboration, presenters are asked to join the Gather space during at least one of the two time slots per day. All participants will then be able to interact and discuss with the presenters at the virtual poster halls. These two-hour time slots will begin at 5:30am UTC and 14:30 UTC.


Meeting Organizing Committee:
Florent Brient (
Paulo Ceppi (
Sarah Kang ( 
Yen-Ting Hwang (

Scientific Steering CommitteeGeorge Tselioudis (NASA/GISS, USA)Masahiro Watanabe (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)Mark Webb (MetOffice, UK),+ Sandrine Bony (LMD/IPSL, France)+ Steve Klein (LLNL, USA)+ Jennifer Kay (Univ. Colorado, USA)+ Yen-Ting Hwang (National Taiwan Uiv.)+ Thorsten Mauritsen (Stockholm Univ.)+ Florent Brient (LMD/IPSL, France)+ Sarah Kang (UNIST, South Korea)+ Allison Wing (Florida St. Univ., USA)+ Paulo Ceppi (Imperial College London)